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Our Mission is to provide international standard of skin, hair and body care management through innovative cosmetology and aesthetic approach with our commitment to maintain excellence, respect and integrity to professional ethics and to be recognized as a global partner for your beauty We are committed to the highest standard of Cosmetology practices with an objective to introduce latest and newest technology and approach to the cosmetic practice that will ensure our Quality, Innovation, Value and enhancing our self to become the most preferred cosmetic clinic in the country. The introduction of technology with treatments right being first time in the country will be the milestone to our vision of being a global partner for your beauty through best practices. Cosmoderm stands tall for our: * Cutting edge leadership & passion for high standards in cosmetology * Respect for our Patients * Commitment to create exceptional feel of beauty through us

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Hair Transplantation In Indore The Hair loss frustation How scary is something when you encounter it for the first time? And gradually, as the problem grows, it fades away the confidence, liveliness, and the happy go person in you. We are talking about the most common problem of male pattern baldness which is expanding its horizon without any fear. But, this problem does not even know that it has a very powerful enemy to defeat the baldness in you. Yuva Cosmoderm’s hair transplantation is the name. It is the most powerful dermatological weapon to fight against any severity of baldness without any hassles. Let us first understand what is Hair transplantation? It is a surgical treatment to cure male pattern baldness with extracting hair follicles from those parts of the scalp or body which have greater resistance to baldness. These are called the donor sites for e.g., the back or sides of the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, chest, and public hair etc. These grafts containing follicles are genetically resistant to balding and once extracted the hair grows back on these donor sites naturally. These follicles are then transplanted or transferred to the bald areas of the scalp with minimally invasive surgery. The complete cycle of treatment is called Hair transplantation. Methods of Hair extraction before transplantation Harvesting is an art that involves a high degree of precision. Yuva Cosmoderm’s expert dermatologists and technicians are well versed with the language of hair growth. They mimic the natural hairs to achieve the hair transplantation results with a natural appearance. They study the natural hair growth tendency which is in the groupings of 1 to 4 hairs, after which they harvest and transplant the hair follicular units in the natural groupings. Thus, after hair transplantation procedure, which is commonly known as Follicular Unit Transplantation, the patient is ready to flaunt a younger version of him full of natural looking hairs with double confidence and vivacity. Harvesting starts from here Let’s start the hair transplantation procedure with extracting the follicles from the donor sites first. The patient will be given a mild or local anesthesia and then one of the two below processes will be used to extract the donor grafts- Strip harvesting or the Follicular Unit transplantation Our dermatologists use a scalpel to harvest the strips of hair from the posterior scalp areas, which have good hair growth. The extracted follicular units are further dissected to extract individual follicular unit grafts, from the strips. The resultants are small, naturally formed grouping of hair follicles. The wound is then closed and with barely visible scars on the patient’s donor area. This is the Trichophytic closure of the wounds. The bald areas then come into picture here. An expert surgeon from our clinic assess the bald scalp and with the help of microneedles punctures them. These sites are then inserted with the extracted grafts to cover the bald areas simulating a realistic hair pattern. Coming back to the donor area which has now gained thin scars don’t have to worry about the minute scars of ugliness. They will get covered with the patient’s natural hair once they grow back on the donor site. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) The surgeon punches the donor sites with tiny punches to extract the individual grafts. These punches are very small and precise. They are 0.6mm to 1mm in diameter. The bundles of hair grafts are scrutinized under a microscope before transplanting them. These follicular units or grafts are then transplanted on the bald scalp areas of the patient. FUE is a technologically advanced hair transplant technique as compared to strip harvesting. Minimal side effects of the hair transplantation techniques The patient undergoing the hair transplantation surgery could witness some minimal side effects which fade away with time. They are- Thin linear scars on the donor sites which get covered once the natural growth is back. A slight ant bite feeling at the time of local anesthesia. Shock loss, i.e. temporary loss of the transplanted hair. Swelling, itching, and numbness of the treated scalp. Bleeding and infection on the scalp in some cases. But there is nothing to worry at all as these side effects are very weak and fade away in a week. The permanent thing that lasts is the natural looking hair tufts on the areas of the scalp which have been bald before the treatment. Also, there is something more to gain back along with your hairs and that is your confidence and handsome personality. So what are you waiting for? Stop seeing the mirror to meet the baldness every now and then. Rather, greet and meet Yuva Cosmoderm and set a date with Hair Transplantation to bring out the new YOU.
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